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J.J, Ward, MEd, RRT in Respiratory Care



The R.A.L.E.® Repository presents digital recordings of respiratory sounds in health and disease. You can access these sounds by selecting from the normal, wheezes, crackles and other items listed under the Repository menu.


Take a look at R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds which offers a more extensive collection of sound recordings, case presentations and quiz files. This computer aided instruction on respiratory sounds is designed for students and educators, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and anyone who uses a stethoscope.


The R.A.L.E.® Repository recordings are grouped into Normal, Wheezes, Crackles and Other sounds. Select a recording from the Repository menu to listen to that sound, read a description of it and view its respirosonogram (a visual representation of what you are hearing).

You can also download the recordings in 16-bit WAV format (MS Windows). All sound files are 10 seconds long. The WAV file size is typically about 220 KB except for simultaneous recordings from two sites. These "stereo" files are about 440 KB.