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J.J, Ward, MEd, RRT in Respiratory Care


About Us

The concept of R.A.L.E.® Lung Sounds as a computer-aided instruction program on chest auscultation originated at the Respiratory Acoustics Laboratory (Prof. H. Pasterkamp, MD, FRCPC), Dept. of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada. Breath sound recordings at the laboratory were used on occasion when bedside teaching of auscultation was limited by the access to instructive cases. Positive and encouraging feedback from medical students was a major incentive to develop a formal teaching program that incorporated many tools originally designed for research purposes.

Today, R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds still uses the graphic display of sounds and air flow ("respirosonograms") that help in understanding the relation of auscultation findings and breathing pattern. Dedicated hardware is no longer required - the high-fidelity recordings of respiratory sounds are played back through any Windows-compatible 16-bit audio system. The latest version of R.A.L.E.® Lung Sounds has links to the Internet for relevant instruction on lung anatomy and physiology. With up-to-date references and an extensive collection of quiz cases for the self-assessment of auscultation skills, R.A.L.E. Lung Sounds offers a comprehensive resource for anyone who uses a stethoscope.