R.A.L.E. - computer based research in respiratory acoustics

The R.A.L.E. Research System is a tool kit of essential hardware and software components for a respiratory acoustics laboratory.

System components

acoustic sensors (accelerometers)
pneumotachograph and pressure transducer
optional piezoelectric strain gauge (Respiband)
amplifier and filter unit (input for acoustic sensors, pneumotachograph, Respiband or auxiliary signal, output to analog-digital converter, external audio recorder, headphones)
headphone set
analog-digital converter
R.A.L.E. software for acquisition, analysis, display and storage

R.A.L.E. View software

You can download R.A.L.E. View, a freeware subset of R.A.L.E. that illustrates the display, analysis and playback of respiratory audio files.  With this audio utility you can analyze included samples of respiratory sound and air flow recordings.  


    Windows 95/98/2000/XP
    Pentium computer
    16 MB RAM or more
    4 MB free disk space
    16-bit sound card

download R.A.L.E. View (~ 2 MB)

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